Fiido D11 Folding Review

Reviewed by Eddy Trier

fiido d11 review


Max Speed

15.5 mph

Max Range

62 Miles

Motor Power


Engine Type

Geared Hub Motor

Charge Time

7 Hours


38.5 lbs / 17.5 Kgs

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Reasons to buy

With a maximum speed of around 25km/h and a rechargeable battery that provides 100km of electric-assisted mileage, the D11 offers a reliable and efficient ride. The folding feature is a standout, allowing you to transport and store the bike without hassle easily. Additionally, its sleek slate blue and black paint job gives it a smart and sophisticated look that won’t attract too much attention during your daily commute.

The setup process for the Fiido D11 is straightforward and hassle-free. Using the provided tool, you unfold the frame, secure the clasp, attach the handlebar column, and fasten the pedals. Folding and unfolding the bike takes only a few seconds, making quick transitions between your car, home, or office convenient. While it lacks an easy-carry handle when folded, it can still be comfortably carried by the crossbeam for short distances. The Fiido D11 offers a practical and enjoyable riding experience, making it an ideal choice for urban commutes.

Reasons to Avoid

Although the Fiido D11 excels in many areas, it has a few drawbacks. Firstly, this e-bike is not designed for off-road journeys and may not provide optimal comfort on longer rides. The handlebar tilt can be adjusted, but the electronic display only shows basic metrics such as speed and battery level, lacking more detailed information. While the saddle is comfortable and easily adjustable, the absence of a locking mechanism poses a security risk when leaving the bike unattended in public areas.

The performance of the Fiido D11 is largely dependent on the road surface. It performs well on established and finished roads, providing a smooth and pleasurable ride. However, the lack of suspension, slim wheels, and noisy brakes may reduce confidence when encountering rugged terrain. Although the battery life is respectable, it is not lockable, potentially making it an attractive target for thieves. While the Fiido D11 is an excellent choice for short and local trips, it may not suit those seeking high-speed or long-distance rides.

Fiido D11 Folding E-Bike Review

Are you interested in benefitting from the practicality and convenience that comes from owning an e-Bike, but are intimidated by the sheer variety available these days? I’ve got you covered. An e-bike is a great alternative to traditional commuter modes of transport like driving, walking and public transport.

A foldable option, the Fiido D11 is a great choice. But just take my word for it on that. In the following review I will discuss many of the great features of this e-bike and what it is like to actually ride to prove it is one you should consider.

The Fiido D11 Speed

Manufactured by the highly respected and slowly growing in popularity company Fiido, the D11 e-bike boasts a maximum speed of around 25km an hour. This is achieved thanks to the 240v rechargeable battery that is handily housed within the bike’s saddle.  With a recharge time of 7 hours, you get an electricity-assisted mileage of 100km.

Overview of the Fiido D11

Well discuss many other details a little later in this review, but it’s important to note that the e-book is an incredibly practical and easy to fold and unfold model. What’s more it has a slate blue and black paint job that makes it a nice combination of both smart and sophisticated and understated that it won’t draw too much attention to you. One thing that lets it down, just slightly is the almost industrial look thanks to many of the hard-to-miss welding spots.

Obviously, we are not suggesting that the colors should necessarily be a dealbreaker as to whether you invest in this bike or not, but when you want something that wants to draw too much attention to you on the daily commute, this is an ideal choice.

The Set-up

Assembly of the Fiido D11 is relatively simple. Once you take it out of the box, you need to unfold the frame, secure the clasp on the bike’s cross beam to make sure everything is held in place, and then repeat the process with the handlebar column. The tool included with the bike is for attaching the pedals. To complete the process, you just need to slide the saddle column into the appropriate slot and then fasten it securely in place using the special quick-release clip.

To unfold the Fiido D11, all you need to do is release a number of clamps, which takes about two or three seconds. Folding it up again is just as quick and easy, which means if you are taking it out of your car, home, or office, you won’t take long to get on the road and to or from school, work or wherever you are heading that day.

If I had to highlight one design flaw that I hoped Fiido would address in later models it was that the frame once folded does not attach to any kind of easy-carry handle. However, for short walks, carrying it by the crossbeam, the option that is offered, was stable and comfortable enough.

The Ride

I want to make one thing clear before I proceed with the review of this fine e-bike.  This bike is not really designed for anything more than urban commutes. It’s not suited to offroad journeys and may be uncomfortable if you were to ride it for anything but a short journey.

The tilt of the handlebars can be adjusted using a clasp that loosens up and makes it easy to spin it back and forward. With this, I was also able to adjust the electronic display’s angle. The display does not offer too many metrics, compared to other models, though. It simply highlights the speed you are going to and the battery charge level, which are shown in the form of km/h and with four bars, rather than a percentage.

Starting and stopping the motor is done via a thumb lever that sits just above the right-side grip of the handlebars.

I also found the button that toggles between the bike’s three different pedal assistance levels was easy to use and well placed. Beside the right-side grip on the handlebars there are two easy to use levers for changing the gears. Although I found them easy to use in principle, because of their position, it was all too easy to press the wrong one.

The seven-speed Shimano Tourney system is perfect for this type of e-bike and is placed at the back of the rear wheel giving a 52:12 ratio which offers a varied selection of options to suit steep climbs and smooth flat streets.

The Saddle

The saddle is comfortable enough for a wide range of different people of all ages and sizes to use. It’s easy enough to adjust the height setting. There are also markings indicating the minimum and maximum settings so that you stay safe. When I sat on it I neither felt like I was going to slip off it anytime soon nor that it was going to lead to any serious or minor injuries either in my back or elsewhere in my body.

Alterations and Adjustments

As outlined above, adjusting this bike to make it more comfortable to ride was extremely easy. I was able to adjust the height of the saddle after my wife had a ride on it. It’s also simple to adjust the display angle of the screen. Fiido have really done their best, in my opinion, to create an e-bike that makes the commute enjoyable rather than just a chore.

Protection Against Theft

The Fiido D11 has at least one thing in its favor – it is just understated enough without too many bells and whistles that many opportunists may simply walk past it. However, there is no real locking mechanism, so if you are looking to leave it unlocked somewhere, it’s best not to leave it somewhere in public.

It’s Performance on Roads

As with any mid-priced, lightweight e-bike, its performance depends very much on the surface you ride it on. I found that for short commutes and journeys around established and finished roads it was perfectly fine and quite pleasurable. There was no discomfort from the saddle meeting my body. There were the obligatory and expected rattles you get when you take a new bike out, as the mechanics settle.

To really give the torque of its mid-powered motor a challenge, I took on a few modest hills and was pleasantly surprised by how well it handled them. The real surprise was when I pushed things a bit further and tried a steeper slope that would have been hard even for me to walk up. Starting with the lowest assistance setting, there was no real benefit to having the motor running, as I still struggled.

However, when I switched things up to the highest setting and the motor’s torque was in full effect, it was quick and easy to reach the top.

The bike’s throttle is an especially welcome feature when you are pulling away after stopping on a hill, as a lot of the effort you would have needed to put into pedaling is not required.

The Brakes

The brakes sadly were something of a downside. In terms of ability to stop safely, I was in good hands. However, after a short time they started to become incredibly noisy, whining and squeaking when pressure was applied to them on those steeper declines I tried.

I don’t know if it was maybe just my experience or my own personal preference, but the combination of the missing suspension, the small, compact, and slim wheels and these brakes made me feel less confident any time more rugged terrain was reached. However, I would not suggest this is a good enough dealbreaker.

The Battery Life

Although the battery cannot be locked to the bike, making it prime pickings for thieves, it is still a respectably strong energy source, given the price tag. I only tested the bike for a few days so wasn’t able to give it a real challenge, but I is unlikely, given it is designed for smaller routes, that you will find yourself cut short.


So, if you are on the hunt for a smart, reasonably attractive e-bike that will suit your small and local trips to and from work, school or when you’re visiting family, friends or simply shopping. The Fiido D11 is an excellent choice. As well as being conveniently foldable, it is also lightweight and compact, without losing anything important.

It will provide you with the pedal assistance you need to tackle all the kinds of roads you will come across on the average commute.

Don’t let the fact you may not have heard of its Chinese manufacturer before putting you off investing in this bike. I can guarantee that you will have a lot of fun with it and will never feel too intimidated as it does not go particularly fast. So, there is no steep learning curve. When simply pedaling, it runs smoothly, but it’s when you can give your legs a bit of a break that it really comes to life.


fiido d11 review
  • Motor: 250W geared hub motor
  • Battery: 11.6Ah
  • Charge time: 4-5 hours
  • Maximum Speed: 15.5 mph
  • Range: up to 62 miles on a single charge
  • Frame: Lightweight aluminum alloy
  • Tires: 20‘’*1.75 inch
  • Weight: 38.5 lbs / 17.5 Kgs
  • Weight Capacity: 265 lbs / 120 Kgs

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